There are five main principles of marketing:

  1. Production and sale of products must meet consumers’ needs, market conditions, and company’s resources;
  2. Maximum consumer satisfaction and compliance with technical and artistic level;
  3. Present products in the market at the time of maximum possible sale;
  4. Constant development and modification of products;
  5. Unity of business strategy and tactics for timely response to changing opportunities and challenges.

Marketers and brand managers of MAGNUM Consulting Group provide our partners with professional services in the field of marketing management.

- Information and Analytics

  • Volume and dynamics of the market
  • Price segmentation of the market and dynamics of the segments
  • Competitive environment of the market: volume, dynamics, competitors’ assortment and pricing policy, and promotion strategies

- Brand-management

  • Brand auditing
  • Brand positioning
  • Development of brand communication platform
  • Product design
  • Development of brand name and slogan
  • Logo design
  • Development of brand-book and corporate identity
  • Quality research
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