Contract Campaigns

"To enter the retail chain at any cost is always expensive!"

- Implementation of comprehensive background for cooperation with the retail client

  • Development of supply networks and calculation of expenses
  • Implementation of supply networks:
    • Selection of logistics companies / distributors
  • Analysis of retail chains /the regional market and competitive environment
  • Calculation and justification of the profitability of contracts
  • Negotiation of the range of products to be supplied to chains
  • Creation of an annual development plan for the client
  • Planning of sales volume
  • Drafting the initial sales proposal for the retail chain/distributor

To enter the retail market is not the point.
The main thing is to get there correctly, to sign agreements and contracts on the terms consistent with the objectives of your company and its strategic development plans.

- Conducting negotiations for contracts

  • Negotiating with counterparties
  • Conclusion of agreements necessary to implement the needed supply systems
  • Analysis of contracts (supplies, services, logistics)
  • Reconciliation of opposite views (if necessary)
  • Signing of contracts:
    • Verification of the correctness and completeness of conditions
    • Preparation of contracts for signing
    • The signing of contracts with counterparties
    • Print and electronic copies of contracts
    • Contract transfers
  • Documentation for product introduction:
    • Completion and approval of the necessary paperwork
    • Transfer of product codes and other required documentation

- The implementation of negotiations

  • Coordination of product orders by representatives of the contracting parties on an agreed range of products.
  • Increase of sales volume.

- Outsourcing Sales

  • Logistics
  • Monitoring of qualitative and quantitative distribution, retail prices, reporting
  • Organizing and conducting of BTL, trade-marketing activities
  • Control of contractual terms
  • Organization of merchandising
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