About the Company

Magnum Consulting Group is a devoted team of practicing professionals in the FMCG, DYI and CE markets.

Magnum Consulting Group offers the full range of services for the maximum successful development of our partner companies’ businesses. 

- Our Mission

To provide practical assistance and information support to Russian and foreign companies seeking to introduce their products to consumers, expand their markets, and effectively organize the marketing of their products.

- Our Objective

Maximizing the presence and value of our partners in the Russian market, increasing their sales and profits and implementing development programs for our partner companies. 

- Targeted Customers

B2C companies in the FMCG, DIY and CE sectors- foreign and domestic producers and importers.

Our advantages

- Our Knowledge

Magnum Consulting Group – practicing consultants, experts, coaches, managers, and executives working with various distribution channels with more than 15 years of experience in the FMSG, DYI and CE markets.

We constantly learn and develop, so we can offer our partners the most advanced and effective solutions for their business.

- Our Work

The foundation of MAGNUM Consulting Group is practical assistance to partners.

We offer our accumulated experience in solving problems of any complexity to our partners.

Experienced trainers and coaches, as well as practicing managers, retailers and producers and representatives of various professional associations share their knowledge and experience with our partners’ staff.

We offer the most effective business solutions and assist with their implementation. 

- Value for Partners

The increase of our partners’ profit is our direct aim.

The return on investment for our services substantially exceeds the price paid for it.



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